The band was formed in 1998. The founder-members ('still the same line-up since the early days) share the same love and interest for a particular musical field of research; the progressive rock.The aim we've been trying to achieve since the earliest rehearsals and the first recording session, was to combine the peculiar progressive and experimental "eclecticism" with the elegance and the immediacy of the pop song. Our main influences are; medieval music, classic rock, not to forget traditional Celtic music (Irish and Scottish folk in particular). We have always been interested in musical research and our constant perspective is to try, in musical terms, to broaden our horizons, keeping excited on a variety of styles, and doing constant attempts to find "our special way". That is why, on our c.ds as well as on our early promos and demo-tapes, the wide range of styles covered by the band, goes from ragtime to ambient pieces and evocative "slow-air like" tunes, arranged with a typical nineties "unplugged" taste. Our debut c.d was titled "Eclisse - Mercury and Sulfurus" (Arcontes DP 001) and was published in August 2000. The next releases were “Prime Substance” (Mellow Records MMP 441), in 2003, and three years later, “Opus” (Mellow Records MMP 485). Almost simultaneously, “Higher & Higher, a tribute to the Moody Blues” was released by the Mellow label. The Yleclipse claim their participation to the project having covered the famous hit “I’m just a singer in a rock’n’roll band” , listed in cd C. We would be delighted to receive your comments and suggestions on our music, so listen to the downloadable samples in the site and…..needless to say, we wish you a good listening experience. Have fun!



The line-up

Alessio Guerriero;

-Year of birth and place of residence; 1975. Cagliari - Italy
- Composer and singer
- Instruments played; guitars and bass.

Musical experiences and collaborations; Founder member of the Yleclipse, together with Roberto Diomedi. He started his musical activity when he was a teenager (at the age of 16), performing in the local club scene with cover-bands and (the seeds were planted) with a Pink Floyd “tribute band”. Very soon he discovered that his main interests were in song writing and composition, far more than playing covers. His first song “Shamael” was performed on a TV show called “Festival”, broadcasted by Sardegna 1, a regional channel, in 1993. During the period 2000/ 2001 he toured with nationally famous artists such as reggae singer Frank Raya, and the pop singer Sandro Giacobbe. From 1996 to 1998 he recorded and toured with an well-known ethnic rock band, called Alcades. With this group he recorded an album titled “Ludu” (Florias 96). His musical curriculum includes a quite long work time with a French rock band, called “Abominable senses”. With this band, he has played several gigs in the area of Grenoble, as well as in the rest of Southern France.The musical experience he enjoyed most, among the collaborations, was the one with the “Contemporary Cèili band”, an ensemble that rearranged traditional Irish and Scottish folk music, the which concerts, were enthusiastically reviewed by the regional musical press. Being the main creative force behind Yleclipse studio projects (“Mercury and Sulfurus”, “Prime Substance”, “Opus”), Alessio lingers “undaunted” in combining his several musical interests, devoting his creative time to the writing of new material for the band, currently being particularly keen on finding “harmonies” between ambient and acoustic pièces, and prog-rock “chordal textures” and contexts. His acoustic guitar is constantly tuned in the open “Irish” way, and he’s also seriously interested in alchemy, for those who may concern…

Andrea Picciau;

-Year of birth and place of residence; 1977. Cagliari – Italy
- Composer and keyboard player.

Musical experiences and collaborations; He started to study music at the age of 9, in 1986, successfully studying electronic organ at the CDMI. He won two “first prizes” at yearly national organ contest, which took place in Ancona. In 1991, at the age of 14 he toured Europe, together with other young talented musicians, acting in sets like Paris and Bruxelles; those concerts were positively reviewed by the local press.. Since 1992 he played with various cover-bands, at the same time, doing his first works as a song writer. Since 1995 until 1998 he played with the “Karisma”, successful pop-rock band; with them he played several gigs all over the island. Among the collaborations, he has toured with; Viola Valentino, Sandro Giacobbe, Frank Raya. In 1998 he decided to develop his attitude to composition and joined the new-born Yleclipse project, writing and recording material for all Yleclipse studio releases.


Andrea Iddas – classe 1980

- Year of birth and place of residence; 1980 – Cagliari (Italy)
- Bass player.

Deeply interested in all expressions of art, and undoubtedly the most “philosophical” member of the band, Andrea shares his “devotion” to music combining the study of bass guitar (more than often tinkering on effects and overdriving his devices off), with live activity, and performing now and then with cover-bands. Mr. Iddas joined the Yleclipse at the end of 2002. He played a constructive role in the recordings of “Opus” (third Yleclipse studio album), and has also recorded the cover of “I’m just a singer in a rock’n’roll band”, included in “Higher & Higher, a tribute to the Moody Blues”, released by Mellow Records in 2006.




Federico Bacco, classe 1980

- Year of birth and place of residence; 1980 – Cagliari (Italy)
- Drummer.

A man, a triple-throbbing drumset some would say! Since the age of 17 (fatal one!), Federico’s roaming the country with several cover-bands, performing in any sort of clubs, parties, but always and from the very beginning, being attracted from the superior value of composition, he lingered in a costant effort to dwell upon wider “progressive” paths. Among the founder members of “Achab”, a classic hard-rock cover band, later renamed “War Flute”, he “pushed” the band to the first creative effort (a privately released demo – year 2000). Moreover, since 2000 he has performed regularly with other cover bands, and a year later he formed an instrumental progressive-metal power trio called EXEO. In september 2005 Mr. Bacco (a trainee barrister as well as an occasional contributor to magazines) joined the Yleclipse, as he was asked to replace the band’s former drummer.


Roberto Diomedi (founder member, drummer 1998 – 2005);

-Year of birth and place of residence: 1970. Cagliari – Italy.
Drummer and percussionist.

Musical experiences and collaborations; His musical “birth” happened in 1985, as drummer of the “Voodoo” (melodic rock band), collaboration ended in 1988, in order to join the “Vapore 36”, a well-known Sardinian band, which has written some interesting pages of the Italian crepuscular rock. In 1992 Roberto joins the “Red Crystal”, a very “Litfiba-like” band. In 1997 he joined a cover-band, very active from a live point of view, playing about 100 concerts in a couple of years. As a session man and a talented drummer, he has worked with artists such as; Viola Valentino, Sandro Giacobbe (Supergiovane!), and Frank Raya, one the of major personalities on the Italian reggae scene. Since 1998 to 2005 he worked with Alessio Guerriero, with whom he has founded the Yleclipse. After having recorded the drums tracks on all Yleclipse studio cds (“Mercury and Sulfurus”, “Prime Substance”, and “Opus”, as well as “Higher & Higher, a tribute to the Moody Blues”), in july 2005, the band and Roberto decided to suspend their collaboration, having pointed out different musical and “operational” views, and perspectives.